Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Moron Tax

My health insurance cover complimentary medicine . This means that some of my fees goes to pay for "Ayurveda (the ancient Indian system of healing), homeopathy, naturopathy". Why should I have to pay for any medical care that is not proven to work?
In paying for health insurance that pays for medicines with no medical effects I am sponsoring irrationality. The root cause of most of the ills of society is our endless ability to bullshit ourselves. One form of bullshitting is using medical treatments that do not work.

Now these therapies are frequently shown to have a beneficial effect in the same way as other placebos do. Just because a large number of people believe they will work and convince themselves they are working does not mean I should have to pay for it however. If it did exorcism should also be available and alien abduction could be prescribed.

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Anonymous said...

The flipside is that if people could specify what their tax was spent on, nothing would ever get done.

Having your tax money wasted on crystal healing is bad, but if it stops people specifying "None my money spent on darkies" then it's worth it.