Monday, November 27, 2006

Multitask Jobs

I had to get a new lock on Saturday. Why do locksmiths and shoe repair go together? What radioactive animal bites you that gives you such seemingly unrelated talents? Why do other professions not have this amazing multitasking? Barber surgeons have been stopped a while ago. I think going in and asking for a short back and sides and an appendectomy would be kinda cool though. Video retailing and skin cancer seem to now be intertwined, any other careers I am missing?

I have a friend who is a safe cracker, yeah how cool a job is that? I once asked him if he could fix my shoes. He could not explain the interconnectedness of the two professions. I think we should make everyone have two jobs

Ice cream men & physicists. I kinda like the idea of a half Mr Whippy van half particle accelerator driving around bringing refreshment and knowledge to mankind.

Crazy homeless person & customer service. May already be happening , but cause or effect?

Celebrity actor & worlds leading authority on everything. Nice going Film Actors Guild.

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