Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pirate Parties

I have always believed that speaking like a pirate for 15 minutes is the cure for all bad moods. I had even thought of writing a self help book but the geniuses at International Speak Like a Pirate Day came up with a better way to spread the idea.

I have been having second pirate related thoughts recently. How humorous is it to pretend to be a murderer and a rapist? Imagine international speak like a serial killer day.

A friend reminded me of the therapeutic effects of wandering around talking like someone with scurvy.

He also informed me that we are not actually pretending to be pirates just talking nonsense. “This has been accounted for! The fine fellows over at International Speak Like a Pirate Day make it as clear as I could; real pirates suck ass. The pirates we emulate in our modern day are wonderfully neutered by our civilised sensibilities, naught but an excuse to swill grog and have fun.“

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Max Radical said...

That's one of the great things about now - there is a base line of civility, so any of the rich historical figures we conjure automatically suggests the good things but not the bad.

For example, when your girlfriend says she wants to be Cleopatra, that means she wants to look beautiful, perhaps wear something shiney, and have you serve her chocolate. It doesn't actually means she wants to work you to death as a belonging.

Equally important, the negative aspects of those figures are still recorded and known; we don't use them when having fun, but don't screen them from history either.