Monday, November 06, 2006

Naked Calendars

What is with all the naked calendars? There seems to be more naked people in calendars then people[1]. So why not take things one stage further. How about a calendar of internal shots? Each month is someones insides. Anyone had an appendectomy recently? That would make a great January shot.

All we need now is an endoscope. Any volunteers for being on the receiving end? No one is taking that route with me.



Katie said...

Its quiet simple really .. people will buy calenders of naked people but not ones of peoples insides. Plus if they are in good taste I'm all in favour especially those caving ones ... its just funny imaging how uncomfortable it must have been to be in the shot.

Bionic Laura said...

Sexy stuff Dave. Maybe doctors would buy it. That's a neat line of sutures there. A beautiful gall bladder removal there, such skill. They could admire each others handiwork!